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Realtor or No Realtor: The Unrepresented Buyer

Unrepresented Buyer

The Unrepresented Buyer

Realtor or No Realtor

We hear from many buyers who want to purchase one of our listings directly from us, the listing agent. Many of these buyers feel they have purchased properties in the past and do not need Realtor advice. Please be aware that the listing agent works for the seller. When a buyer comes directly to us, we cannot advise how much to offer or what contingencies to include in a purchase contract. We can not provide any advice. As the listing agents, we will complete a purchase contract for you and ensure the transaction gets to closing by following up on deadlines. However, take the pitfalls seriously when you decide to go directly to the listing agent when purchasing. On one hand, you'll have immediate access to property details but no one to advise and negotiate for you. Having a dedicated buyer's agent means you have expertise working for you. Should you decide not to use a Realtor for your purchase, we will be happy to assist you as an unrepresented buyer.

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