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Welcome to a world where life slows, the air is fresh, and every sunrise promises a new adventure. Here, amidst the Blue Ridge Mountains, vineyards, historic homes, horse farms, and charming country properties, you'll find a collection of farms steeped in history, where generations have nurtured the land and built legacies of grit and grace, classic country estates where every detail speaks of timeless elegance and craftsmanship, historic homes with a storied past, and idyllic country properties offering a sanctuary from every day stress. Whether you seek a bucolic escape, a productive agricultural farm, a stately historic home, a functional horse farm, or just a cozy place to call home, we invite you to explore our property listings. Each house has a story waiting to be unfolded by the next chapter in its history. We offer more than just properties; we offer possibilities. The chance to reconnect with nature, cultivate your passions, and build a unique and extraordinary life as the landscapes surrounding you. We are just a phone call away at 434-981-4149. Call us; we’re here and ready to ensure your real estate journey is smooth and rewarding. As a listing team we are professional, attentive and responsive.

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If You Have a Property to Sell: Whether you have a cozy home, a sprawling estate, or anything in between, we will transform your property into a sought-after listing. If You Are a Buyer: We are happy to assist unrepresented buyers. Whether you need assistance as an unrepresented buyer or prefer a buyer's agent, we've got you covered. Let us know what you need, and we'll make it happen.

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4345 Ida Rd, Luray, Historic Home

c.1810 Glenn Highland
4345 Ida Rd, Luray
For Sale $800,000

Historic Home, Luxury Property: Every historic home has a story to tell, its walls and ancient trees holding past secrets. Some historic homes are steeped in legend, casting a unique glow over the property. Glenn Highland, formerly known as Mountain View, is one of these homes.


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Coyote Crossing

Equestrian, Cattle & Hay Farm
Bedford County VA
For Sale $1,375,000

Working Farm, Equestrian Property, Cattle Farm: This Equestrian, cattle and hay farm exemplifies agricultural excellence and radiates aesthetic charm. A rare find with an equine IMTCA mountain course and two outdoor arenas.

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Little Bit Farm

Equine Breeding Farm
Show Barn & Indoor Arena
For Sale $1,495,000

Horse Farm, Breeding Farm, Working Farm: Welcome to Little Bit Farm, an exclusive listing nestled in the serene countryside of Brightwood, Madison County, VA. This picturesque horse farm spans across 44 private acres of rolling landscapes, boasting breathtaking views and a tranquil spring-fed pond. Ideal for equestrian enthusiasts seeking a perfect blend of functionality and charm, this property offers unparalleled amenities and a delightful living experience.

15038 Chestland Drive Somerset

Spacious Country Home
15038 Chestland Drive
For Sale $775,000

Orange County, Somerset Country Property: Introducing a charming Somerset home on 6 acres near Grelen, Montpelier, Orange, Gordonsville and just 20 miles from Charlottesville Airport. Enjoy the inviting great room with a cozy fireplace, spacious dining room, fully equipped kitchen, and breakfast area with views.

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Virginia Historic Home

Virginia Historic Home
Tailored Marketing Strategies
SOLD April 2024

Historic Property, Working Farm, Cattle Farm, Horse Farm: This circa 1876 historic farm isn't just a historic gem; it's a gateway to a quintessential Virginia experience. Nestled on 34.8 acres of rolling countryside, it offers views, cottage, apartment, barns, airplane hanger, pond, and the kind of charm that seeps into your soul.

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Distinct Dwellings:
Crafting Compelling Narratives for Unique Residential Sales

Listing and Selling Luxury Homes, Unique Residential Properties demands a blend of creativity and market savvy. These homes, with their distinct features, require tailored marketing strategies to attract the right buyers. From historic gems to eco-friendly havens, each property has a story waiting to be told. Success lies in understanding local markets, pricing accurately, and effectively showcasing their unique charm to connect buyers with their dream homes. The photo is our beautiful SOLD listing Parker Mountain in Greene County. Parker Mountain in Stanardsville.


Equine Estates: Showcasing the Charm of Equestrian Living

Listing and Selling Equestrian Properties entails a tailored approach that recognizes the unique needs and desires of horse enthusiasts. These properties boast specialized amenities, ranging from spacious barns and riding arenas to expansive pastures and well-maintained trails, catering to both recreational riders and professionals alike. Effective marketing strategies emphasize the property's equestrian features, highlighting aspects such as the quality of stables and the layout of the land for grazing. By crafting compelling narratives that resonate with the equestrian community's passions and preferences, listing and selling equestrian properties becomes a seamless process of connecting discerning buyers with their ideal equestrian haven.
The photo is our charming listing Little Bit Farm in Brightwood, Madison County.

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Legacy Listings: Selling Historic Homes in Historic Charlottesville

Listing and Selling Central Virginia Historic Properties, Luxury Estates Listing and selling historic homes in Charlottesville offers a unique blend of preserving the past and embracing the present. These properties, ranging from elegant Colonial estates to charming Victorian cottages, boast timeless charm and character. Effective marketing involves highlighting their distinctive features while also emphasizing modern updates. Understanding historic preservation regulations and local zoning laws is essential for accurately pricing and presenting these homes to buyers. With Charlottesville's vibrant cultural scene and scenic landscapes adding to their appeal, selling historic homes in the area is about connecting buyers with a piece of the region's storied past. The photo is our Sold listing Eldon in Appomattox, Virginia.

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Country Living: Capturing the Essence of Rural Charm

Listing and Selling Country Homes, Luxury Properties that offer a serene lifestyle amidst scenic landscapes. These properties, ranging from rustic farmhouses to modern retreats, embody tranquility and charm. Effective marketing highlights unique features like expansive acreage and outdoor amenities. Understanding buyers' desires for rural living is crucial in connecting them with their ideal property. By showcasing the essence of country life, selling country homes becomes a journey of finding the perfect rural retreat.

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Charlottesville, VA: Single-Family Homes and Townhouses

Listing and Selling Single-Family Homes and Townhouses in Charlottesville, VA, that offer diverse options in a city renowned for its historical charm and vibrant community. With picturesque landscapes and a thriving cultural scene, Charlottesville attracts homeowners seeking spacious layouts and architectural details in single-family homes, as well as the convenience and modern amenities of townhouses. The market caters to various tastes and budgets, appealing to families, professionals, and retirees alike. These properties, whether in downtown or charming neighborhoods, showcase the best of Charlottesville living, making them highly sought after in today's market.

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